Kashmala Kakar

Kashmala Kakar, from the remote areas of Balochistan, is promoting the unidentified traditions of pashtun culture through the platform of textiles and fashion. She is an amateur but a certified textile graduate from Pakistan Institute of Fashion and design. She has worked with the reputable fashion organizations including Ittehad textiles and Zeen. Currently she is a textiles designer at Kayseria (sefam).

She has always been a promoter and a philanthropist to take forward the Pashtun culture and traditions through the platform of Textiles, which has helped people all over the country more aware of the traditions, values and culture which were majorly unknown till know. The significance of the pushtun culture is shown through her work.

As a design personel, she has worked with the conventional as well as traditional old school materials, colors and embroidery techniques in order to promote the culture of the “Dusmal” while making customised “Dusmals” for the wedding events of which the color palatte, materials and fabrications have a certain significance and symbolism.

She has now initiated through the platform of Taarkash to take forward Pashtun textiles through modern fashion cuts while keeping cultural aspects intact.

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