A software engineer by profession with the heart of a developer, Hamza Khan is a front-end developer specialized in efficient React apps, CSS & HTML and WordPress that work across all platforms and browsers. He is enthusiastic about building interfaces that are usable and pleasant for the greatest number of people possible. His professional life has been driven by his passion for design and structure. Apart from his profession he also has musical skills and is a good Rubab player with passion towards the promotion of musical cultural.

For Taarkash his role is to plan, manage, monitor, and upgrade the organization’s website. He is responsible to respond to any troubleshoot issues over the website and ensure that the website is protected through appropriate security measures. He is also assigned to conduct content audits in order to eliminate redundant and/or duplicate information and create appropriate website content aligned with the organization’s strategy. He ensures that the website quality and efficiency by conducting regular test plans to improve the user experience of the website regularly. Hamza also collaborates with all the staff and management to ensure that the website aligns with the brand’s strategy and meets the organization’s standards. He makes certain that the website is in full compliance with all laws and regulations and is up to date with the industry’s best practices monitoring the competitor websites as well.

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