Our Story

“Taarkash” is a joint venture of Aimal Khan Khattak and Muhsin Alam. The idea of establishing Taarkash came into being after one of the founders, Mr. Khattak while visiting a music instrument shop in Peshawar realized that all the traditional music instruments present in the shop were completely handmade. He was astonished by the amount of passion showed by those artisans towards their craft and culture, yet they have no effective presence in the popular national and international commercial arena. Mr. Khattak then came across Mr. Alam and they bonded very well over the shared admiration for cultural heritage. The founders then decided to collaborate and turn an idea into a practical venture. They decided to explore further and eventually found out that apart from music instruments, there are other artifacts that too are not only handmade but also enriched with cultural and historical values of Pashtuns including Peshawari Chappal, traditional waistcoats, jewelries, Kohati Panjdar Chappal, Pakol and Shawls, etc. These findings are the result of multiple visits by the team of Tarkaash to different parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa including individual meetings with artisans from different localities. The research was further extended to interviewing various artists, traditional craft shops’ owners and cultural promotion organizations. After many successful visits and attaining adequate information, Mr. Khattak and Mr. Alam decided to initiate a venture for the promotion of the traditional crafts and the empowerment of the artisans involved in making them. The founders then together with their team laid down the foundation of “Taarkash”.

Who We Are

Taarkash’s was established by integrating the idea of revival of the traditional artisan culture with the modern entrepreneurship opportunities available through digital platforms. Taarkash is named after traditional artisans who make traditional crafts with the help of wires, involving laborious efforts yet their passion for the art of making handmade crafts.

The team works in collaboration with some of the best traditionally skilled artisans to make finest products enrich in cultural art, diversity and quality. Each product reflects the idea of bringing back the traditional artisan culture into the mainstream marketplace, promoting art, culture craft and diversity.

Our Team

The team works in collaboration with some of the best traditionally skilled artisans to make the finest products enriched in cultural art, diversity and quality.

Aimal Khan Khattak

Founder - CEO

Muhsin Alam

Founder/Managing Dir

Salwa Khan

Administrative Director

Shahrukh Khan

Media Head

Kashmala kakar

Fashion & Textile Designer

Hamza Khan

Web Designer

Umama Khalid

Creative director/ Social media manager

Muzamil Ahmed

Master artisan

Shahab Ahmed Khan

Chief Brand Representative

Worldwide Shipping

Taarkash makes sure everyone can have access to these cultural ornaments that are cherished and loved across the globe at their doorstep without having to cross the ocean for them.

Best Quality

At Taarkash, our products are made with full dedication and incorporate our beautiful culture, investing many hours of tough labor and undivided attention. The team works directly with some of the most skilled craftsmen to make products that are comfortable and outstanding.

Best Offers

At taarkash, we provide you with superior quality and affordable rates all under one roof creating well crafted high-end products that are unique and available to everyone.

Secure Payments

At Taarkash we ensure your payments are secure and authentic. We take responsibility of our customer’s trust. The concerns of our customers are our foremost priority.

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